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Selected Projects


           The Watergarden

           INSITE 2030 Maple

          The Pointe

The Reserve

Serrano - LEED Certified

Architect / Client - M.David Paul Associates

Completed           - 2009

Location               - Encino, California 2.7 acres


The Serrano project promotes cultural continuity and landscape sustainability by preserving specimen trees and reconceiving an existing turf landscape into a more sustainable model.


KSA oriented the design around an existing 300 year old California Oak, one of the remaining few on Ventura Boulevard, removed all turf and preserved and transplanted the monumentally large specimen Jacaranda trees on the site.  By doing so, the site transformed into a leafy pocket green pocket park, refelecting the value placed on the landscape by the by the design team and showing respect for the local community's need for more parks.


Large boulders and gravel set among California native and mediterranean plants suggest decomposed granite pathways and streams of the nearby California sage scrub.  

serrano 3d-1.jpg
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